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sax teacher for children and adults, Leeds

Do you love the sound of the sax?

Whether you want to play simply for your own enjoyment, or to join a band or amateur orchestra in Leeds, or to take music exams - whatever your reason for wanting to learn to play the sax, if you have learnt the correct techniques, the sky's the limit.

... and want to learn to play it?

If so, Martin Townshend is an experienced and qualified sax teacher

in Leeds and can teach you the correct techniques for playing the sax.

Martin Townshend's approach as a sax teacher is relaxed and encouraging.  His students are taught the correct techniques for playing the sax, enabling them to play expressively and with musicality.

Martin's students range in age from children and teenagers to older adults, who may be beginners at learning an instrument, or returning to play the sax after a long break.


Many of Martin's students enjoy and benefit from playing in ensembles. Martin leads a number of music groups himself, and encourages his students to join one of the many amateur orchestras  or jazz bands in Leeds.


Some of Martin's sax students "double up" on clarinet or flute when playing in bands.  Being an experienced and qualified clarinet and flute player as well as a sax teacher, Martin Townshend is able to offer clarinet or flute tuition in addition to sax if requested.



0113 226 6483

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See Sax Lessons for information about lessons with sax teacher Martin Townshend, including the special introductory rate for new students.


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LATEST NEWS re sax lessons during Covid-19

Martin is currently giving individual sax lessons via video instead of face-to-face lessons. Students can use either Zoom or Skype, each of which is easy to set up on a tablet or smartphone.  Video lessons enable progress on learning the sax to successfully continue, and Martin will be happy to answer any questions you may have about lessons on Zoom or Skype.

 Telephone 0113 226 6483 / 07584 248 794,

or email [email protected].