Martin Townshend, sax teacher, Leeds


0113 226 6483


Many of sax teacher Martin Townshend’s students aim to play with others as soon as they have reached a suitable level.  Martin is associated with the North Leeds Music Centre and recommends

beginners to join the Training Orchestra of the

North Leeds Music Centre where they will find

a supportive atmosphere.

For the latest news from the  orchestra of the North Leeds Music Centre, see their facebook page

sax teacher and ensemble leader, Leeds

ORCHESTRASfor students

Opportunities to play in amateur orchestras in Leeds



to play jazz

in Leeds, see

the Jazz Bands




0113 226 6483

for sax lessons with Martin Townshend:

If you prefer to play jazz music on the sax, go to the Jazz Bands page for opportunities to play in community jazz bands in Leeds.

Members of the North Leeds Music Centre

The Senior Orchestra of the North Leeds Music Centre is open to both adults and aged 11+ children.  There are around 50 players in the orchestra, enabling a separate Wind Band to be formed.


The Senior Orchestra plays a wide variety of styles, from the classics to pop music, together with music from film and television.  It presents a number of concerts each year, many of which are in aid of local charities.

For beginners and early learners of the sax,

the Training Orchestra of the North Leeds Music

Centre is ideal.  It currently consists of around 30 players

and no previous orchestral experience is necessary.  


When the student becomes more advanced, a place in the Senior Orchestra of the North Leeds Music Centre may be offered.

Martin Townshend has a wide-ranging experience in most

musical styles, from classical and folk to rock, jazz, Celtic and Klezmer.  He can put students in touch with music groups in Leeds to suit most musical tastes.