Martin Townshend, sax teacher, Leeds


0113 226 6483


Martin runs a new group in north Leeds called Jam Today! which is for Year 6+ players who are interested in learning to improvise.  A variety of musical styles are explored, including jazz, folk, klezmer, blues and rock. The relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere will suit entry level players as well as the more advanced.

Martin regularly takes part in running jazz workshops at the Seven Arts Centre, based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.  Here players of all ages and instruments can learn improvisation techniques and join in playing jazz with others.

Many students who are learning to play the sax are drawn towards playing jazz.  In Leeds there is wide choice of amateur jazz bands to play with, some of which are led by sax teacher Martin Townshend.

The North Leeds Jazz Orchestra has a facebook page where the latest gigs are announced

sax teacher and jazz band leader, Leeds


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Opportunities to play jazz in Leeds


orchestral opportunities in Leeds, see the Orchestras


One of the jazz bands which Martin has directed for many years is the North Leeds Jazz Orchestra, which consists of adult members of the North Leeds Music Centre.



0113 226 6483

for sax lessons with Martin Townshend:

Sax players of the North Leeds Jazz Orchestra

If you prefer to play orchestral music on the sax, go to the Orchestras page for opportunities to play in amateur orchestras in Leeds.

The orchestra plays jazz from the swing era onwards, and regularly performs at local and community events as well as being available for festive functions such as weddings,

tea dances and private parties.




For children over 8 and teenagers up to 15 years who like to play jazz, Martin Townshend runs a jazz/rock training band as part of the City of Leeds Youth Music scheme.  The band plays jazz from the 1930s and rock from the 1950s onwards.  Martin encourages new members to join, and all that is required is a minimum of two years' playing experience.