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Martin Townshend is an experienced sax teacher in Leeds, giving lessons to all levels of player up to Grade 8.  All ages are welcome from children under 10 to adults, including beginners who have not learnt music or played any instrument before.

sax teacher, Leeds - beginners to advanced

Sax lessons with Martin Townshend in

Leeds usually last for 30 minutes, for a fee

of £20.  A free initial meeting is offered, giving students the opportunity to find out more about Martin's teaching style, and enabling him to advise whether he is the right sax teacher to meet their needs.

Sax examinations typically require the performer to play with piano accompaniment, and Martin Townshend gives his examinees experience in accompanied performing by playing piano accompaniment in lessons where appropriate.  In addition, Martin is a teacher of aural and theory, ensuring that examinees for sax examinations are also knowledgeable in the aural and theory requirements for the exams.

Many students choose to enter sax exams, either with the ABRSM  (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), or with Trinity Guildhall.  Not all students take exams, but for those who wish to, Martin Townshend will advise which examination board will be the most suitable for each individual student.

Lessons are held in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, and take place during term-time after school and during the evening.

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Martin Townshend gives sax lessons in Leeds

Martin Townshend encourages his sax students to join a band or orchestra when they are ready.  Most students find that making music with others is not only enjoyable but also helpful as it gives practice in keeping a rhythm and sightreading. For orchestras and bands in Leeds which Martin associated with, see the pages for Amateur Orchestras and Jazz Bands.